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There’s a lot of interest these days in no strings dating and finding a no strings hookup.

Read on and you’re going to learn a lot about it and exactly where you can find it in your town; or even in a town that you happen to be visiting.

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Now, I think it’s probably more accurate to say that there has always been an interest in it; probably just as much so as there is today; the difference is that with the way society, technology and the attitudes that people have today have evolved it’s easier to find information about no strings relationships, and also find opportunities and potential partners for it.

It doesn’t hurt that free no strings sex sites are all over the internet, there’s even more now that a couple of the big players in that market have gone away.

Who really wants casual dating?

Green Glow Bevel CTAIn the past it was mainly guys who were interested in no strings dating; or at least that was the appearance. May women are interested in no strings dating. However, that was simply something that “good” girls didn’t do. Times have certainly changed; and I would say they have changed for the better.

No strings dating can describe a lot of different kinds of relationships. At the core of it is the fact that people meet up and hook up; they enjoy their time together and then they go their separate ways with “no strings attached”. They are really just looking for sex. There are no obligations of any kind to each other, and no promise that they will ever hookup again. That doesn’t mean that the same two won’t hook up again; there’s just no obligation to do so.

A lot of people – especially young singles – find this kind of arrangement to be a perfect fit for their lifestyles. Some just aren’t ready for a longer term “serious” relationship. Others are focused upon career or education goals and don’t want or need the distraction of relationships. And some others just like being single and or solitary and only want to give that up when the need for some companionship arises.

No strings dating fits the need in all of those situations.

Where can I find a no strings hookup?

Assuming that you are looking for a partner who is interested in a no strings dating kind of arrangement; you will need to adjust your tactics accordingly. You might not have a lot of success going the traditional routes of meeting people at work, connecting through friends, or any of the “normal” ways of meeting people for dating. When was the last time one of your friends said they had someone they wanted you to meet; but that person is only interested in casual sex? Never; right?

Some people know specifically what they want.  They also know what they do not want. And they do not want a steady relationship.

But assuming that you want a casual arrangement, where do you find one?
I mean face it, how often do you approach a girl at the local pub, try to start a conversation, and have her cut you off?

Have you ever hit on a girl and had her say, “You better keep it casual pal; I only want sex.”?

You can increase your chances of meeting the right kind of people easily:
Start looking in the places where those people can be found. You might be surprised by how many people get that part wrong. They look in all the usual places and just can’t find someone who wants what they want.

Are there other options?


If you happen to have a “singles” type club where you live; that’s an excellent place to start a search. Most of the people in such a places are pretty much looking for the same thing that you are. The downside of course – if you even have a place like that nearby – is that they can be kind of exclusive and hard to get into; especially for single guys.

You can also use some of the personals services – almost every town has some – even though I tend to opt for other possibilities first.

The easiest way to find sex now is usually through an adult dating site. Many of them are large enough that they have members even in very small towns; and they also give you a chance to – I call it “window shop” – you can see and talk to someone that seems interesting before you ever even think about a face to face meeting.

no strings dating Girl On Bed Oval CTA ImageAll those dating sites aren’t the same; some deliver better than others; so you’ll want to create free profiles on three or four and just check them out to see which ones seem to have a lot of prospects in your area and which ones seem to get pretty decent ratings from their members.

Now you should also consider how the whole casual dating arrangement might affect you emotionally. That’s especially true if the person you hookup with becomes more of a “booty buddy” or a friend with benefits.

What about “The Rules”?

There is basically just one rule in no strings dating:

There are no rules – it’s all about the sex.

That is pretty much the point, after all.

Is there a downside to no strings dating?

Especially when there are “repeat performances”; being “casual”doesn’t mean that there can never be any complications, such as:

    • Developing feelings for your partner in a semi-casual arrangement.
      This little problem is pretty much the death knell for the whole arrangement. Either it is going to end, or it is going to progress into something more steady.
    • Losing self respect.
      OK – I don’t think most guys are going to have a problem with this, maybe some of the girls will. It really depends upon how you view sex from a moral perspective.
    • Losing respect for your partner.
      Hey, they hookup for sex without hesitation and without looking for any commitment. What do you really think of someone like that?
    • Negative impact on other relationships.
      Casual relationships can change your mindset toward more meaningful relationships. You become accustomed to shallow connections. There is no closeness, you share no feelings. You share no hopes and no dreams for the future. Without even realizing it, this becomes normal to you. Consequently, you could become less capable of building a more traditional relationship.

But with all of that said, and knowing the pros and cons, it may be that casual dating is something you want to consider. It certainly is for a lot of others today.

No strings dating isn’t the taboo thing that it used to be; and it is really just the most practical type of relationship for different people at different times of their lives.

Maybe it’s right for you?

You can get started with it by clicking here.

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