Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

If you are interested in having a Friends With Benefits arrangement; I’m going to show you exactly where to find a partner for that.

Hang with me for a minute first though because I want to explain a little about what a friend with benefits really is; and what one is not.

If you’re not interested in all of that; or if you already understand it and just want to get on with finding a friends with benefits partner; you can do that here – click here to get started.

There will be more later about how to target someone as a possible friend with benefits.
But first – what exactly is a friend with benefits?

What Does FWB Mean, Really?

An FWB is a sex partner.

Plain and simple – you see each other for sex; only sex and nothing more.

Recent movies and some stuff written by other people might have you thinking that friends with benefits really are friends who just also happen to have a sexual relationship.

Wrong, very wrong.

Now I’m not saying that a situation like that is completely out of the question or that it can never happen – those things do sometimes happen. But they usually happen right before you end up losing a good friend; or a good friend with benefits.

What Friends With Benefits Is Not:

The reason for that is that when people – friends – get involved with each other sexually, it generally follows that some emotional attachment and some expectations start creeping into the relationship; and that is pretty much without fail the end of what was either a good friendship; or the end of a sweet friends with benefits relationship.


Would you get emotionally attached to someone that you met on a quest for a local hookup; a one-off encounter? Probably not. You handle a friends with benefits arrangement the same way. The only difference being that instead of a one-time bang; the both of you have someone who can be called upon over and over again when the need or the desire for sex arises and the options are a little light.

So a successful friend with benefits arrangement by name is a little misleading. You shouldn’t be friends at all. In fact, you might not even like each other that much – except in bed. And that’s where it counts when it comes to FWB situations.

What About Friends With Benefits “Rules”?

The first and foremost rule for a friends with benefits relationship is that you never get emotionally involved. You just meet up for sex and then part company until the next time.

OK – this is going on a bit longer than I expected. However, I need to touch upon a few more things. So tomorrow I’m going to put up another post about friends with benefits. More specifically the Friends With Benefits Rules that are critical to maintaining a mutually satisfying FWB relationship.

Once I put that up; I’ll link to it and you will be able to find it by reading here.

Until then; let’s get into where to actually meet someone who might make a suitable friend with benefits.

Finding Friends With Benefits:

Part of the FWB strategy is to find someone who is also looking for the same thing. Now if you happen to live in a larger city – or an unusually emancipated smaller town – you might have access to singles clubs or swingers type establishments. It might seem surprising but these are usually good places to meet potential FWB partners. They are already looking for some casual encounters. It’s really a small leap to get some of them into a more ongoing kind of relationship. They (and you) can still go to the clubs whenever you want – there is no commitment after all – you just have an understanding that one of you might need to call on the other at almost any given time.

Now you can try the old-style hookup routine of going to bars or wherever and trying to pick someone up – that’s just fine. But typically that will result in finding someone either for one quick fling; or someone who is looking for something more serious. That is not in keeping with the friends with benefits ideal of having a partner you can call on as needed.

Another option – and a very good one – is to check out some internet dating sites. Much like the people you can meet at swinger’s clubs; you can find people on adult hookup sites who are already into casual sex; so turning it into repeat encounters is not out of the question.

Here is a good site to try if you want to go that route – click here now.

Putting It All Together:

I tend to avoid trying to meet people online through services like Bedpage. Sure you can do it and it works for a lot of people. My problem with it is that there is a lot of fraudulent activities going on with sites like that; not to mention that you could very well meet someone with a whole boat load of crazy where their brains should be.

It’s better to stick to the dedicated hookup sites and try to meet a partner who is up for multiple hookups.

Do check back, I update often and I’m far from done with this whole Friends With Benefits discussion – there is more to come because it is a very big subject; and a very sweet deal if you can find it; and you have a great chance of finding it here – check this out now.

Friends With Benefits Rules are absolutely critical to keep a really sweet
arrangement from going sour and ending badly or even too soon.

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Friends With Benefits Rules

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